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What is Tangle ?

Tangle is an application for prediction markets that stores outcomes of events by utilizing the Neblio blockchain.

How Tangle Works
-Seamless Interaction-

In order to reap the benefits of the application a user must possess TGL tokens exclusively, that is predictions are made and finalized using TGL tokens. Tangle proposes a bi-structural design in which one application is holistically centralized but utilizes the blockchain to ensure results and outcomes are fair – that can’t be changed once settled and the second incarnation utilizes a full decentralized structure for users who are adept with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Holders of TGL tokens will be able to create prediction markets, take a position and be rewarded for the correct outcome. In the case of disputes, a settlement window* will be open for which votes can be made in order to determine the outcome. The result is a prediction market where trust requirements, friction, and fees will be as low as competitive market forces can drive them.


Problem & Solution

Through the use of Tangle, users will have the ability to create and participate markets in minutes.
The result is a system that is all inclusive and interactive for everyone.


Currently, prediction markets have been technically difficult to operate with the average user requiring technical assistance to create and deploy them. In other instances, prediction markets allow for only a select few to create markets leading to a much more centralized system from a philosophical standpoint leaving few with rights to create markets and reap excessive rewards with minimum to zero penalties when rules are not observed.



Tangle’s aim is to empower to the average user to participate in a prediction market whether it means through creation, buying in (positioning) or disputing. Hereinafter, Tangle’s team is referred to as Tangle Economy to provide a clear distinction between itself and the platform.


White Paper

All details provided within the document have been executed with due diligence.
No research is without anomaly and as such content is subject to change.


Prediction Markets

Tangle Economy will mimic the business model and implementation of Binance (Cryptocurrency Exchange). This means that the project will be implemented as a web and mobile application that utilizes TGL tokens created on the Neblio blockchain for utility and be the exclusive currency of the system. Users with the requisite amount of TGL (20,089) will have the ability to exchange them for a market creator account which they can use to create prediction markets for other users to participate. Users who hold enough TGL to participate in a market, the amount determined by the market creator shall be able to do so. A disputant account may also be acquired for 20,089 TGL.

The Breakdown is as follows:

  1. Market Creator Account: 20,089 TGL (Also sets fees for prediction market)
  2. Disputation Account: 20,089 TGL
  3. Standard Users: Varied TGL for participation based on Market Creator’s discretion.

The above is an emphasis on Tangle in PHASE 1 utilizing Neblio’s blockchain specifically for the finalization of outcomes and to record disputes. This will be the basis of PHASE 1. The focus of PHASE 2 will be to implement a fully decentralized version of PHASE 1. This approach is taken to increase traction and drive more usage to the platform by the basic user who is not adept with the usage of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. In other words, the abstractness that is usually emphasized through authentication and participation will remain hidden, they will focus on the user experience aspect as if there were no cryptocurrencies involved and view TGL tokens as ‘traditional virtual money’.

The funds raised will be used for the project development and growth. Though this project will be made a reality via  a token sale. It is largely understood that Tangle Economy observes all legal requirements for listing. Fees are not always attributed to listings but legal opinions are required for which funds will be allocated. Tangle Economy can guarantee one exchange with favorable distribution among currencies listed.


Token Sale

The first token sale takes place for private investors in February.
USDT was raised in an effort to mitigate against fluctuating cryptocurrency prices.

Token Sale will end in
  • Early Purchase
  • Mid Purchase
  • Late Purchase
  • |
  • |
  • |
Target Raised
1000 USDT / 800 NEBL = 10000 TGL
Purchase Token

We have completed our private sale!
Token prices listed are a reflection of public sale: The price is fixed at $1000 = 10000 TGL

  • Private Sale ends February 28
  • Acceptable currencies USDT, NEBL, ETH
  • Sale starts May 9 (20% discount until end of sale)
  • Min. transaction 12 USDT, 12 NEBL, 2 BNB, 2 NEO, 0.12 ETH
  • Sale ends Aug 31
  • Number for sale 10,125,000 TGL
  • Soft Cap: 250k


February 2019
Private Sale
April 2019
Presale & Public
Live Now
July 2019
Alpha Release and Closed Testing
September 2019
Exchange Listing, Beta Release and Selective Testing
October 2019
Product Release and Testing
November 2019
Mobile App for Android and iOS
December 2019
Neblio (NTP-1) Chrome Extension Wallet
March 2020
White Label Prediction Market


Tangle prediction markets consist of four static phases and one dynamic phase :
Create, position, report, settle and the dynamic phase of dispute.



Market creators are the only ones capable of executing the create phase that is they can create prediction markets on any event. The market is immediately active once it has been created and participants can take a position for their prediction: YES or No. This is known as the position phase. After the event on which the market is based has occurred, the outcome of the event is validated through an API call. Once the outcome is determined, buyers can collect their payouts in TGL. (See White Paper for More Details)


Token Economics

The standard fees for the main protagonists in the network is 20,089 TGL. Outside of users who position on a market they are the earners.
Market Creator: 10% (~20,089 TGL to be a market creator) ~Disputant: 5% (~20,089 TGL to be disputant)



Private Sale: 1,000,000 (0.05) - 12 months lock-up period*
Token Sale (early): 2,000,000 (0.10) - 25% discount
Token Sale (extended): 8,125,000 (0.10) - 20% discount

Bounty: 125,000

Team: 1,250,000

Symbol: TGL

Initial Value: $2008.90 = 20089 TGL

Type: NTP-1



The people responsible for transitioning Tangle from concept to reality.
All members are currently active within the Cryptocurrency community.



Have questions? We’re happy to help.

  • services@tangledapp.io
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tangle is an ICO that issues tokens that observe a circular economy in which all actors of the system benefit with no one entity incentivized to "game" the system.
All participants with the exception of private sale investors will receive their tokens 48 hours after the sale. Private sale investors will receive their tokens 6 months later.
No, this is not recommend.